The Six Skin Types

There are six different skin types based according to the amount of pigmentation in your skin and how it reacts to sun exposure (whether it burns easily or tans). The types are semi-subjective and it’s possible that you won’t meet all of the characteristics of any one type. In those cases you should go with the one that best describes you. However, once you know your skin type, it can help assess your risk level and then arm you with the tools you need to protect your skin.

  • Type 1 - Always burns, never tans. Very fair skin with red or blond hair and freckles.
  • Type 2 - Burns easily, tans minimally. Fair skin.
  • Type 3 - Sometimes burns, gradually tans.
  • Type 4 - Minimum burning, always tans. White, with medium pigmentation.
  • Type 5 - Seldom burns, always tans. Medium to heavy pigmentation.
  • Type 6 - Never burns, tans very darkly. African Americans as well as others with heavy pigmentation.
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