Patient Comments

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I have to say that your office is the best doctor’s office I have been in. I love your staff, your professionalism, sensitivity, attention to detail and ability to put me at ease. After I left your office I was not worried, in pain or anxious, after having surgery, however minor, I actually felt like I had just been hanging out with my friends and having a relaxing day! I appreciate you and your staff looking out for my best interest and making me feel like I am your only patient when I know you have many many more. You and your team set the bar high for anyone in the medical profession. Your attitudes and atmosphere do not go unnoticed and it is very much appreciated.

Very pleased! The doctors and the staff are wonderful. Front desk is so nice! A gem!

3 separate surgeries over past 4 years - excellent results. Minimal scarring. Nice work!
This is the first time I have received a questionnaire from a Dr's office - very impressive and shows concern for patients input.
My husband had a lot of surgery on his face. 80 stitches - he looks great no scars. Now and only now he is starting to use sunscreen at 74 years old. Hurray!! And thank you.
Your billing dept took care of everything. It was a perfect, wonderful experience. Everyone remarks about the invisible scar. You and your staff are the best.
Great Newsletters! My mother had melanoma. Before I found your office I searched around for a dermatologist that I could trust when it came to examining my skin. I had little luck. I even had a very popular dermatologist several years back walk into the exam room and asked me "why do YOU need your moles checked?" Then he did a quick 5 minute exam. He made me feel stupid for wanting the exam. I was ecstatic when I found your office. I leave there after each visit feeling confident that I've had THE best possible exam. I've had appointments with Dr. Gorman and most of my follow-ups are with Sarah Patton. They are both wonderful! My concerns are listened to, my questions are answered and I'm better educated on what to look for. Thank you so much for the wonderful care you provide.
Delightful mood in office - love fresh flowers. Always saw other people we know - reassuring! Staff wonderful and careful and thorough -- Receptionists super super!!
Great job. It took 30 stitches & there is barely a scar.
I enjoy my appointments because everyone is nice and friendly and fun to joke with. But most of all they possess professional demeanor and the work shows it.
The service was excellent. The staff was always courteous and helpful. Thank you all.
I would not use any other skin surgery unless I had no other option. You are all excellent and caring and professional.
I am always treated as a special patient and person - that means a lot.
I am very thankful for the pleasant experience of something I had a little trouble dealing with at first. Thank you.
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